No kittens were harmed due to juggling on this website. -bud
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    I'm a sexy hot Asian who loves to do kinky stuff online and I want you to join me.   I'm cute, funny, and horny.   All those ingredients combine to create a hot sultry night, if you ask me.   I hope you'll think of me to be the sexiest girl on the site and I want to fulfill your desires.

    I have been told many times that I have a great personality and I do enjoy acting out peoples fantasies.   I have many "Oo La La" costumes, awesome lighting and a clear cam with pan/tilt/zoom and the fastest internet connection that I can get.   I love meeting people and learning something new everyday.   That's what I do best!   That explains why I am so good at doing my job.

    What inspired me to do cam modeling in the first place?   Well I have a passion for acting and I am not shy at all while expressing myself.   You probably already figured that out by now from seeing my content.   LOL.   And thankfully, with the help of the World Wide Web, it allows me to play out everyone's fantasies.  

    In case you are wondering what I do other than cam modeling.   Well here's a secret.   I work as a side show street performer and I do juggling acts.   You might have seen jugglers juggling bowling pins, fire torches, or china.   Well mine is very unique.   I juggle kittens!!!   So I always have something to do with pussy, just kidding.   ROFL!   =P Phew! Ok I just had to say that.   It cracks me up!

    I've been a cam model for four years now and I'm still going at it.   I work on multiple websites, so don't be alarmed if you see me on more than one site.   ( b'cuz I'm stalking you.) LoL!   So, if you have a nice fantasy that we can play out together; I am interested.   Come and visit me!

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